Getting out of “fast fashion” and producing in France? 6 examples to think about fashion differently

Phew! When it came time to supply the population with masks, the government was able to find a respondent in extremis from the textile industry.In a few weeks, nearly 1,400 companies in the sector (brands and manufacturers), came together and mobilized to respond to a demanding specifications and disaster reshaping their production lines.

Some still cannot believe it: "We are an industry.We had forgotten it a little," recalls Sophie Pineau, member of the board of directors of the Groupement de la Fabrication française (GFF).At the Première Vision exhibition, dedicated with French know-how, the first of its kind since the health crisis, the president of the Vendée clothing company Getex was not the only one to raise its head.

Because this case of masks - which we hope to have less and less need - has highlighted the strengths (resilience, we say today) of a sector not really at the party.of this opportunity to rethink fashion differently.The risk is that the world after looks like the world before ", bounced Agnès Pannier-Runacher.In the aisles of the Made in France-Première Vision show, a crowd record despite the health crisis (CORINNE BOUCHOUCHI/L'OBS)

Guest of honor at the show, the Minister in charge of Industry acknowledged that the sector "had lost a lot of ground in recent years".In her briefcase, grants to "modernize our production apparatus", which will come s' add to the drop in production taxes of 10 billion euros promised for next year by the Prime Minister.Sufficient to restore color to the sector and convince consumers - excluding luxury - to choose "made in France"?

Posted Date: 2020-09-12

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